Saturday, 15 August 2020
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One page responsive template

One page responsive template

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Newly Listed Joomla! Extensions

Find extensions for your Joomla site in the Joomla Extensions Directory, the official directory for Joomla components, modules and plugins.
  1. AMP Advanced

    AMP Advanced Plugin, This content plugin is a cross media platform, it support Joomla 3 and 4.
    This plugin allows you to embed any media content supported in your Joomla posts, list below :

    • Any Audio and Video support by HTML5
    • Facebook Video and post
    • Twitter Tweet
    • Vimeo Video
    • Youtube Video
    • Soundclound clip and playlist
    • Instagram embed
    • JW Player platform

    It's based on AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) cloud hosted library shared by Google and dev by these websites, it's by the way compatible with AMP requirements (speed up your website loading) but still readable by any desktop and mobile browsers, it used AMP component framework.

  2. IWS.BY Widget article VK Pro

    IWS.BY Widget article VK Pro - a module that allows you to add an article widget from the Vkontakte social network to the site without using programming skills.

    The package consists of one module and two plugins:
    1) The module allows you to add a widget through the module system.
    2) The first plugin adds a button to the JCE text editor and a popup to add a shortcode in the text editor.
    3) The second plugin adds processing of the shortcode in the content part of the site, displays the widget.

    The module will allow you to connect your site with a social network, provide convenience to site visitors.

  3. SD Random

    SD Random shows a random module from a (custom) position of your Joomla site.

    This way you can easily show a random:
    - image
    - streamer
    - survey
    - image
    - product
    - extension
    - and more...

  4. Ruxin Business Hours

    Ruxin Business Hours is a great module for displaying weekly working hours
    - Ability to specify module width
    - Ability to specify the height of the header section
    - Ability to put the desired image in the header section
    - Ability to change module texts
    - Specify colors when open and closed
    - Ability to display all days of the week, only the current day or only open or closed status
    - Automatically displays open or closed status based on time entered
    - Fully responsive

  5. Upcoming articles

    The free module ** Upcoming articles** displays a list of articles form one or more categories with a publishing date in the future.
    WIth this feature, you can tease your visitors and keep their interest on your content and your website.

    You can select how many articles you want to display, you can select the categories and decide to display the date of the publication of each article.

    - en-EN
    - fr-FR

    1.1.0: 2020-08-10
    - chrononogical order of the articles

    1.0.0: 2020-08-06
    - first release